General Conditions of Sale

Where the "Seller" is referenced, this is Sterling Gun Drills, Inc. Where "Buyer" is referenced, this is the person or entity who receives the Seller’s quotation or places an order with the Seller.

  1. Any promises or commitments in relation to quotations or orders made are subject to any acts or demands of the United States Government, and to strikes, fires, accidents, embargoes, material shortage, labor shortage, and all other causes beyond our control, and no liability shall be incurred by us for damages resulting from delay or failure of deliveries due to any said causes. Cancellation of an order by Buyer due to these causes is subject to a cancellation charge by the Seller to recover labor, material, and other costs expended on the order.
  2. Prices quoted are subject to change at Seller's option prior to acceptance should changes in bas price, extras, or freight rates occur, or if a new labor or utility rate increases cost of production over contemplated cost.
  3. State sales or use taxes are not included unless specifically shown.
  4. Acceptance of orders is subject to approval of credit department. Seller reserves the right to suspend production or shipments if Seller considers Buyer unable to meet the terms of sale unless cash or other security is obtained from the Buyer.
  5. Defective material may be replaced, or credit issued on basis of original quoted costs, but no claims for labor are allowable. Retention of material beyond 45 days after its receipt constitutes an acceptance of material received. Seller reserves the right to replace defective or rejected material.
  6. Terms are Net 30 Days. In the event of non-payment, all charges incurred by the Seller, includes collection agency, attorney fees, and court costs, will be due by the Buyer in addition to all unpaid balances.
  7. Special ordered material (non-stock drills for system tooling). When an order is cancelled, Seller reserves the right to charge Buyer a restocking fee.
  8. Sales F.O.B. Destination. The Seller's responsibility for delivery of goods at destination is subject to all usual and customary clauses in the bill of lading as well as such additional clauses and stipulations as may be lawfully imposed by the carriers as a condition of their accepting the goods for transportation.
  9. Sales F.O.B. Shipping Point. Buyer takes title to material upon delivery to carrier at shipping point and any claims for damages, non-delivery, or delays, shall be the responsibility of the Buyer.
  10. Cancelled orders. When an order is cancelled, or terminated after production has started, Seller reserves the right to charge Buyer for the cost of labor and material expended and any other costs accrued against the order.
  11. Buyer holds Seller harmless against any claims for liabilities due to personal injuries or property damage resulting from the handling or application of Seller's products.