Drilling Systems

The Sterling Gun Drills Deep Hole drilling system provides a complete package, attractively priced and technically serviced, that allows any facility to set up a deep hole drilling operation on their own equipment. The system consists of these items:

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Gun Drills and Half Round Drills

Gun drills and Half Round drills operate on the same principle to produce precision and deep holes, and can be easily applied to conventional and CNC machinery.

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Spraymist Kits

Spraymist Kits require only shop air and deliver Sterling Gun Drills high "EP" lubricant internally to the cutting edge and burnishing pads while clearing chips through the open flute section of the drill.

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Stationary, Rotary Toolholders & Reduction Sleeves

Rotary or Stationary Toolholders adapt the Gun drill and Half Round drill to the milling machine spindle / lathe turret and lubricant supply.

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Resharpening is provided by a variety of fixtures that duplicate factory methods, or by Sterling Gun Drills resharpening and retipping services.

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