Deep Hole Gun Drilling

Deep hole drilling was first developed for the manufacturing of firearms, hence the name gun drilling. Originally a time-consuming and costly process, today's technological advances make it a highly efficient manufacturing operation in all metal cutting industries including automotive, aircraft and aerospace, construction, medical, mold and tool and die, hydraulics, pneumatics, and more.

Gun drilling is an ideal solution for most deep and precision drilling projects. This high precision operation produces accurate, repeatable holes, with excellent surface finishes. Gun drills hold location to precise tolerances, are sized to exact specifications, produce burr free holes, and can be formed to produce specific shapes in blind holes with minimal machine adaptation.

As a leading manufacturer of deep hole drills, Sterling Gun Drills continues to build its reputation for personal service and practical solutions for production requirements, large and small. We match the correct drill, whether standard or specialized, to the intended material and application. All of our customers can depend on us for prompt, efficient response and quality products that attest to our expertise in engineering and manufacturing. As part of our scrupulous inspection procedure, we test 100% of our drills of .375"; diameter and under for assembly integrity, leakage, and specified oil flow.

If you need assistance in planning or solving technical problems, our staff is on hand to provide support. All our services are provided with one goal in mind: To supply the finest gun drills and the best service at the most reasonable cost.

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