Deep Hole Gun Drilling

Single Flute Gun Drills

A kidney is Sterling Gun Drills standard from .0781" to .3020". A round oil hole is standard from .3030" to 1.625". Twin hole, special carbide, or other variations of similar construction are available to order. Hover on the above picture for a larger view. /

Gun Reamers

Gun Reamer

Round tube reamer and custom drill configurations are available upon request. Contact Sterling Gun Drills' technical department for recommendations on all your precision deep hole requirements.

Solid Carbide Shank and Tip

Solid Carbide Shank and Tip

Very small solid carbide drills require close adherence to all drilling parameters. This single flute design, available from .0450" to .1600", offers more strength than standard tubular construction when required for specialized applications.

More information about Gun Drill Styles & their uses?