Regrinding Fixtures & Accessories

Part Number Product Name Price
DM-41Manual Regrinding Fixture, Gun Drill & Half Round$1590.00
DM-41-AHead Assy. (Standard)$895.00
DM-42ReSharpening Head for Gun Drills$1770.00
DM-42-AHead Assy. (Large)$1075.00
DM-42-BBase Assy. (Both Fixture Heads)$695.00
DM-42-CDM-42 + DM-41-A$2595.00
DM-42-IDM-42-I Inserts for DM-42$200.00
DM-43Half Round / Gundrill Sharpening System, 115V, 60Hz

Important Announcement concerning the DM-43 availability.

DM-43-08Drill Regrind Plate with slots and Toolholder$729.00
DM-43-09Drill Regrind Plate with slots$315.00
DM-43-10Toolholder for DM-43$450.00
DM-43-AHalf Round / Gundrill Sharpening System, Export, 230V/50Hz

Important Announcement concerning the DM-43-A availability.

DM-44-01260 Grit Wheel (coarse)$199.00
DM-44-02360 Grit Wheel (standard)$199.00
DM-44-03600 Grit Wheel (medium)$199.00
DM-44-041200 Grit Wheel (fine)$199.00
DM-44-05Wetting Agent Concentrate$14.75
DM-44-06Spray Bottle$5.00
DM-44-07Wheel Cleaning Stick$14.00

Note: All pricing is in US Dollars. Pricing is based on standard delivery (2-3 weeks) when correct sized ground blanks are in stock. Express delivery, diameters, lengths, special drivers, coatings, etc. other than standard subject to quote. One day turn around resharpening.