The Gundrilling Machine

Specifically designed to provide the optimum conditions for operating the gun drill, the deep hole drilling machine is equipped with a high pressure pump that delivers lubricant to the rear of the drill. The drill can be driven by the spindle or held stationary if the workpiece is being rotated. During drilling, advancement can either be by drill or workpiece movement.

gun drilling machine

The gun drill is supported by anti-whip devices along the shank length and at the rear of the chip box. The chip box contains a chip deflector and a front end bushing which guides the drill into the workpiece. The chip box also contains escaping chips and lubricant, which are separated and filtered.

Gundrilling machines come in many variations, from single spindle manual models to CNC units with multiple spindles of different designs. They can be integrated into transfer lines or be part of a machining or turning center. Gun drilling is also becoming popular as a retrofit package for both conventional and CNC machines.

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