DM-43 Sharpening System

Versatile, Convenient, Productive

DM-43 These words best describe the DM-43 sharpening system from Sterling Gun Drills. Designed as a compact, self-contained unit, it can easily be located next to work in progress, enabling operators to properly maintain gun drills and half round drills while remaining at their work stations. The DM-43 sharpening system services drills from .100" to .700" in diameter and comes complete with everything necessary to maintain and maximize tool life and efficient hole production. With the drill grinding table removed, a protractor table is revealed, allowing the resharpening of carbide inserts and lathe tools.

Important Announcement concerning the DM-43 and DM-43-A availability.

Standard Items Include:

  • Portable grinding machine
  • Protractor and drill regrind tables
  • Toolholder for gun drills and half round drills
  • 360 grit wheel

  • Wheel wrench
  • Cleaning stick
  • Spray bottle
  • Wetting agent

Sharpening System and Accessories
Part #DescriptionPart #Description
DM-43Sharpening system (120V, 60Hz)DM-44-05Wetting agent concentrate
DM-43ASharpening system (220V, 50Hz)DM-44-06Spray bottle
DM-44-01260 grit wheel (coarse)DM-44-07Wheel cleaning stick
DM-44-02360 grit wheel (standard)DM-43-08Drill regrind plate and toolholder
DM-44-03600 grit wheel (medium)DM-43-09Drill regrind plate
DM-44-041200 grit wheel (fine)DM-43-10Drill toolholder for DM-43


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