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Product - RC-38 Rotary Coupling


A new product for the use of gun drills and other coolant feed tooling on machine tool spindles without coolant through capability. Spindles include wood or metal cutting lathes, milling machines, drill units, and other machinery that can be suitable for the use of gun drills and other coolant through tooling but do not have through spindle capability at present. Universal Rotary Coupling, part number RC-38, supplies air, spray mist or coolant into any spindle with a through hole. Very compact, light weight, re-buildable, and simplicity are key elements of its design. Attachment is through the center of the machine tool spindle free of any involvement and/or possible contamination of the spindle bearings. The unique design rotates the coupling's housing keeping the spindle stationary, so no anti-rotation bar is required. Just one shielded ball bearing and a light contact seal generates minimal heat from friction.

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