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Company Name Change

Drill Masters of Vermont, Inc. a supplier of deep hole gun drills, two flute drills, and a drilling "System" that allows gun drilling depths and precision on manual and CNC machines, announce the change of company name to Sterling Gun Drills, Inc.

Sterling Tool Group, or more simply "Sterling", a division of Bijur Lubricating Corporation, was known as a manufacturer of quality gun drills and superior technical service until 1994, when Bijur sold the division to Eldorado Tool Co. of Milford, CT. Bijur's sale of Sterling to Eldorado resulted in the establishment of Drill Masters of VT in North Bennington that would operate in the original Sterling tradition. New owners Drill Masters Inc., now known as Drill Masters of CT, reclaimed most of the former Sterling customer base within both divisions and have enjoyed impressive growth in the years that followed. However, two companies named Drill Masters do create issues, so separation benefits both companies and minimizes any confusion.

Drill Masters of CT is now known as Drill Masters-Eldorado Tool, or DME Tool, Inc. Drill Masters of Vermont is now Sterling Gun Drills, Inc. As Sterling Gun Drills, we change only our name, printed manner and Web reference to No changes to our physical address, phone numbers, contacts, and sales network. We look forward to offer our continued high quality products and unsurpassed technical support and services.

Doug Holley, General Manager

Sterling Gun Drills, Inc. North Bennington, VT.
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