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Gun Drilling on a CNC or Manual Lathe or Mill

For hole depths greater than 40 diameters deep, we suggest a shorter drill / longer drill combination that will allow the drilled hole of the shorter drill support the flute of the longer drill.

On a lathe or milling machine, a gun drill bushing to start a single flute gun drill is generally not practical. Drill supports, chip box, etc., are also unnecessary.

Start a gun drill with a pilot hole drilled, reamed, or bored to the gun drill diameter +.0005" (+.001" max.), -0 x ½ to 1 diameter deep. The shape at the bottom of a pilot hole is of no consequence.

Use oil, or oil based, high "EP" water soluble coolant at 10-12% concentration, NEVER use a synthetic as these have no lubricating action. General guidelines:


We offer our DM2000 / DM3000 Spraymist Kits as alternative to high pressure coolant. Operate with 100-125 psi of shop air pressure. Spindle speed will be same as Min psi above. Refer to our Speed & Feeds chart or our helpful Gundrilling Guidelines.

  • Enter the drill tip into the pilot hole dead spindle just off the bottom.
  • Start the oil, coolant or our Spraymist System.
  • Start the spindle.
  • Drilling will be continuous to depth.
  • When to depth, back off the bottom slightly if a blind hole, stop everything and remove the drill.
  • NEVER rotate the drill outside of the hole.

Note of drill wear on the outer edge to establish a re-grind interval. Tool life will depend upon a combination of material type, hardness, coolant type and pressure.

Special nose grind / Contour combinations are available for very deep holes, cross holes, interrupted cuts, special shapes, steps.

Learn about our Deep Hole Drilling Systems.

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