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Pricing Structure Change Effective April 1, 2022

As we are a small manufacture targeting small lot, quick delivery specials supported by unsurpassed applications engineering. Larger quantity sales can be desirable, but they tend to delay timely completion of small lot orders and provide limited margins.

Effective April 1, 2022 we will eliminate the price brackets above 6 pieces for standard and special single flute gundrills. Pricing above a six piece quantity will be at the six piece level. Under six pieces, pricing remains at the same it has been since 01 January, 2017, keeping sales in the group we are most effective, competitive.

"Gun drill special pricing" criteria will not change from what is published on our Website, The volatile market makes it impossible to put in print, firm delivery dates for non-standards, so manufacturing scheduling will dictate timely ship dates.

Customers who regularly have Sterling re-tip their gun drills will see no change.

Re-sharp pricing is fixed and will not change from what it has been since the late 1980’s.

Sterling deep hole drilling accessories will be priced as driven by component pricing.

Doug Holley, General Manager

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