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Complete Deep Hole Drilling System

Sterling Gun Drills offer a complete deep hole drilling "System" enabling it's users an economical method to produce deep and precision holes on CNC as well as manual lathes and milling machines not equipped with high pressure coolant systems. The DM2000 series spraymist kit delivers high velocity air injected with a high "EP" lubricant as an atomized mist through carbide tipped deep hole drills with available stationary or rotary coolant feed toolholders. In use, spraymist creates a refrigerative effect that pulls heat from the surrounding material and lubricated the drill's tip. Shop air at 80 - 120 psi, force chips from the bore along the open flute of the drill. The deep hole drilling "System" is portable, and provides a low cost alternative to dedicate gundrilling equipment, other retrofit high pressure systems, or subcontracting.

Sterling Gun Drills also offer in-stock single flute gun drills, gun drill machine accessories, Half Round drills, TWINMASTER™ two flute drills, and solid carbide flute and tip micro gun drills. Additional products and service include a resharpening of gun drills from any manufacturer. A key specialty is detailed applications engineering.

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